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Feedback and Complaints

Julia Farr MS McLeod Benevolent Fund is part of the Julia Farr group.

At the Julia Farr group, we welcome feedback from people living with disability, their families and supporters, and other people with an interest in our work. 

We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to give us feedback because it helps us understand what we are doing well.  

We recognise that feedback can include complaints, and this is equally important because it gives us an opportunity to improve our work. You will not be treated differently or unfairly for making a complaint. 

How to provide feedback

There are three ways that you can give us your feedback or make a complaint. 

If you have a complaint about an employee, it is helpful to start by speaking to the person who is directly involved. If you feel uncomfortable speaking to that employee, please select your preferred method of providing feedback below.

Ways to provide your feedback

    1. Send an email to grants@purpleorange.org.au   


    2. Call (08) 8373 8333 and tell us you want to give feedback or make a complaint. 


    3. Download and complete the Complaints and Feedback Form PDF and return it via post to: JFA Purple Orange, 104 Greenhill Road, Unley, SA 5061. 


Provide details of your complaint 

If you are making a complaint, please explain the problem and how you think it can be fixed. Include any information that can support your complaint.  

Resolving your complaint 

When we receive your complaint, it will be referred to the appropriate team member and steps will be taken to resolve it as quickly as possible. We will keep the matter private. 

You will be informed of the steps that Julia Farr MS McLeod Benevolent Fund are taking to resolve the complaint within five working days. 

Things you should know

  • You can make a complaint without giving your name, but it will be easier to fix the problem if we know your name. 
  • We will keep your complaint private. We will only tell those people that need to know so that the problem can be fixed. 
  • You can use a support person or interpreter to help you make a complaint. 
  • If you are not happy with how we fixed the problem, the matter may be passed on to the Chief Executive Officer to review and provide a response. 

For further information you can download a copy of our Complaints Policy below. 

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