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100 Leaders Project

JFA Purple Orange commenced the 100 Leaders Project in 2011 using funding from the Julia Farr MS McLeod Benevolent Fund.

The 100 Leaders Project is focused on:

  • Assisting people living with disability to build a vision for their own life by sharing stories of others who have taken leadership in their lives as individuals who are active in their communities, and who are mentors and leaders for other people
  • Creating an accessible bank of stories which other people living with disability can easily access and research by placing them on a specifically designed website with user-friendly search options
  • Amplifying the voices of a diverse group of people living with disability by sharing their experiences and perspectives.

An analysis of the stories shared by people living with disability highlighted a range of enabling factors that can support people to live a meaningful, valued life.  These included:

  • The pivotal role of a caring and supportive family and friends in promoting positive self-regard, self-efficacy and resilience in the person
  • The impact of a positive self image
  • Being proactive in making connections with people and opportunities (seeking support from family members, friends and people in similar situations)

More information on the 100 Leaders Project can be found at www.100leaders.org.au

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