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Calling all current and emerging disability leaders of today and tomorrow

People who can lead, often don’t describe themselves as leaders, so don’t let the word put you off. People can understand leadership to mean different things. For the purposes of our leadership grant program, we define leadership as happening when a person, through their actions, influences in positive ways the attitudes and behaviours of others. Leadership can happen anywhere in our neighbourhoods, in our society, in our economy.

We believe people living with disability should have the same opportunities to emerge into leadership as non-disabled people, and not just in a disability context. The Leadership Development grant program seeks to support the emergence of disability voices as leaders in our communities and workplaces, including leadership that relates to disability issues and leadership on other matters of broader interest to our society and economy. Grants are intended to ensure that individuals living with disability have the same opportunity to develop their leadership skills and participate in their chosen leadership role as their non-disabled peers, by contributing to the financial costs of participating in leadership development.

Grant applications can be made by individuals living with disability who are resident in South Australia. The maximum funding for any individual is a lifetime total of $15,000. This could be paid as a single grant of $15,000 for one leadership development activity, or spread in smaller amounts across two or more applications over multiple years, up to a lifetime value of $15,000.

For more information about our Leadership Development grants program, please see the grant guidelines by clicking here.

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