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This website has been developed by the Julia Farr Association to provide public access to information that may be helpful to the disability community.

While our goal is that all the information on this website is accurate and verifiable, we cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or relevance of the information to the purpose of anyone visiting the website.

We give no warranty that the information is free of infection by computer viruses or other contamination, nor that access to the website or any part of it will not suffer from interruption from time to time, without notice.

We have included links to other websites as a convenience to visitors wishing to find out more information about disability issues. Julia Farr Association does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, availability, or appropriateness to the user's purposes, of any information or services on any other website.

The Julia Farr Association does not accept liability however arising, including liability for negligence, for any loss resulting from the use of or reliance upon the information and/or reliance on its availability at any time.

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